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Are you tired of feeling tired all the time, stuck between brain-fog and overwhelm, and getting hit with the "Sunday Scaries" every week?


Are you ready to finally feel energized, inspired, and connected again?

Reiki helps restore energetic balance throughout the body

Moving the body, syncing the breath, and tuning attention inward for stress relief and relaxation

Caring for physical, mental, and emotional health through movement, mindfulness, breath, and the five senses

Practicing movement and mindfulness in community

My Approach

I incorporate meditation, mindfulness, holistic wellness, and yoga into one-on-one counseling and corporate workshops.

Modern life puts our bodies and minds in a constant state of "fight or flight," subjecting us to a range of health consequences.


It's also left us disconnected from the natural world that sustains us.


By reconnecting with the living world - in both our bodies and our environment -  we can learn to work with our biology,

instead of against it.


MS Sustainability Management

Columbia University

RYT-500, Yoga Alliance

Revolution Yoga, Jaya Yoga Center


Certified Holistic Health Counselor & Reiki Practitioner

About Me

After working for three fast-paced startups, I've dedicated my teaching to helping people connect with the ecosystems around them and within them.

These experiences reminded me that our most important priority is our health.


I returned to teaching yoga to help others prioritize their health + wellness again, too.


I look forward to Melissa's yoga classes every week! Her calm reassurance helps me feel in control of my stress and my health again. I'm so grateful to discover this practice with her.

Marisa, Yoga and Ayurvedic Health Counseling

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