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the world

within us

 RECONNECTING WITH the seasons & THE cycles

of our bodies THROUGH ECOLOGY,



 BEGINS APRIL 23, 2019!


This group coaching program meets weekly to  learn about how our health is connected to the natural world, using the frameworks of yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, and ecology.

You'll receive one-on-one health counseling on your unique  mind-body constitution, as well as how you can customize your daily habits for your personal health and balance.

Does this sound like you?

  • You miss spending time outdoors now that you live in a city & work full-time. You grew up playing outside - in yards, in playgrounds, at camp - and wish you could revisit those places. Now, you love going to parks, hiking trails, farmers markets, beaches, orchards, vineyards, etc., to stay connected to the natural world.

  • You notice your own seasonal fluctuations - allergies, cravings, changes in energy & mood, etc. - and want to learn how to be healthy & balanced all year long. You love  celebrating the holidays and the way they keep us connected to the seasons (for better & for worse, nothing says "autumn" quite like pumpkin-spiced everything!).

  • You want to find out what health and wellness practices are specifically are going to work for you - your body, your mind,  your lifestyle, and your preferences. You read plenty of books and articles about wellness, and follow all the right accounts, but have a hard time knowing what’s best for you and how to actually implement this in your life

  • You want to learn the scientific rationale behind the “woo-woo” of ancient  wisdom. Have you found yourself wondering“Why are so many holidays the same time of year? Why is it called a ‘moon cycle’? And why are yoga  and meditation so obsessed with breathing?!” You know there must be good reasons why we do these things, and you want to discover those truths!

  • You care for the planet and want to do more to take care of the Earth -  even when you’re living in a city with an over-packed schedule. You want to do the right thing, but you don’t have time to take care of yourself, never mind the planet! There must be ways to make a real difference without feeling guilty or making major of sacrifices.



In this group program, you’ll receive:

  • A in-depth one-on-one consultation to discover your unique constitution

  • Weekly workshops with the option to join in-person or online (life gets busy - I get it!)

  • A personalized handbook of the practices and tips that will help you and your constitution

  • Journaling prompts and exercises to bring each week's lessons into your life

  • One-on-one check-in calls every other week to answer any questions that come up

  • Personal guidance on how to customize each activity for your own mind-body balance

  • A supportive community coming together to learn about our connections with Earth, ourselves, and each other



Each week's workshop includes a brief lecture, gentle movement, breathwork, meditation, and "make and take" activities to help you apply these concepts to your life.


Over the course of these workshops, you'll be developing your own personalized handbook of...

  • seasonal health guidelines

  •  yoga, meditation, and breathwork exercises

  • custom essential oil blends

  • restorative recipes

  • beneficial mantras and mudras

  • balancing crystals and colors

  • inspired artwork

  • and easy environmentalism

...all customized for your unique mind-body, and how it relates to the seasons and the environment!



By the end of this program, you'll have developed:

  • the confidence to balance your unique mind-body in all seasons

  • practical and sustainable healthy habits

  • a self-care handbook to help you continue these practices beyond our group program

  • a deep understanding of the natural world, and how it affects you every day

  • a strong foundation in the ways that ecology and anthropology are interwoven throughout history

  • simple and concrete ways that you can protect the planet while nourishing your mind-body health



The World Within Us beings on April 23rd - the day after Earth Day! If you'd like to join the live sessions (in-person or online), you must register by then. If you register after April 23rd, you can still receive the recorded sessions from the first week. Registration closes on April 29th.

This group is capped at 10 participants to ensure everyone can receive personalized attention.


$450 for 8-week program

(or $60/week payment plan)

I'm so excited for you to begin this journey of self-discovery with us! We're going to have so much fun celebrating our unique human nature and our connections to the natural world.

I can't wait for you to join us and explore
the world within YOU!