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Everyone says I should try yoga, but I don't want to be the beginner in class or embarrass myself!

  • Walk confidently into yoga classes after learning the basics of yoga in the privacy of your home

  • Feel comfortable modifying standard poses for your body and any injuries or conditions you may have

  • Learn best practices for your yoga goals and desired outcomes (ex: stress relief, flexibility, etc.)


4-week or 8-week series



There's so many recommendations, options, and tips out there - I want to understand what's best for me and my body!

  • Discover beneficial modifications to personalize your yoga practice around your needs

  • Receive detailed understanding of your unique body-mind type through the lens of Ayurveda, the sister-science of yoga

  • Gain clarity about which holistic health practices are best for you and your current conditions


4-week series
+ 3 seasonal followups



I'm so stressed out!
I could really use a vacation, but I just can't take time off right now...

  • Recharge and refresh your body and mind without tapping into your vacation days

  • Infuse your week with relaxing, revitalizing practices to both de-stress and energize

  • Return to a state of physical and energetic balance


4-week series,
with sessions 1-3x/week

For rates and availability, use the "Learn More" buttons above, or call/text me at 646.389.8147

 I'm happy to help find a way to make yoga work for you.


As with any habit or skill, it takes consistency and repetition to create real, lasting results. I work with private clients in series so that they can successfully develop new patterns with personalized support. This makes private yoga a truly transformative experience, and helps results last far beyond the session itself.


Every day is different, and new challenges and questions will arise as you experience yoga in your body and mind. My mission is to guide you along your yoga journey toward a sustainable, healthy, and safe personal practice. Whether you choose private yoga with me or another teacher, I highly recommend working together with someone over time to receive the best results.