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Upcoming Zoom Workshop:

Bringing the



Framework into

the New Year

Saturday, December 30th from 4-5pm EST  

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Ready to bring the Empowering Environmentalism®

 framework to your company, classroom, or community?


Hi! I'm Melissa.

I'm an environmental educator and consultant. I bring over a decade of experience in sustainability to companies, classrooms, and communities who are looking to go green in an encouraging and empowering way.

We've got so much good work to do - and not that much time to do it! So it's my mission to make environmental action easy, meaningful, and fun.

With the Empowering Environmentalism® framework, we can have the stamina to stay engaged in environmental action and make these important sustainable changes happen.

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What's the




The Empowering Environmentalism® framework challenges the notion that climate change has to be a doom-and-gloom topic.


Instead, it can be a great opportunity to explore how we can build more just, equitable, and sustainable world for everyone. With the Empowering Environmentalism®  framework,  sustainability can be a meaningful and memorable way to connect with ourselves, our community, and our planet.

Here's what people are saying:

“Loved this class! Beautiful, interesting, thought provoking information that was taught in a digestible, engaging, stimulating.. and fun way :) Definitely learned soo much and it truly aligned with a lot of the info I was longing for and wanted more of! Thank you!”

"We recently booked her for a workshop to learn about going green while staying home. She provided us with facts AND resources for taking action. Her presentation was well put together and she adequately answered any questions. I commend her for connecting the workshop to COVID-19 and recent world events to make the workshop even more relevant. The addition of the interactive activity made the experience fun and personal!"

I want to bring the Empowering Environmentalism® framework to my...

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