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Empowering Environmentalism®
Community Services

Are you part of a nonprofit or small business that works on environmental issues?


Or do you have a green idea for your community that needs strategy and support to bring to life?

Maybe you'd simply like to learn what you can do as an individual in your daily life?

Choose from a range of consulting services to bring the Empowering Environmentalism® framework to your community, including:

  • Green initiative ideation and implementation

  • Environmental assessment and planning

  • Strategic support and development

  • Environmental career coaching

  • Workshops, trainings, and lunch & learns

  • Environmental events and celebrations

To learn more, schedule a free call:

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What People Are Saying:

"It was great to speak with an expert and ask the daily questions we all had. I absolutely love Melissa's followup! She did some research and was and able to provide me some very specific info on converting my Jeep to electric. This is very important to me!"

"I have learned so much from Melissa Boo’s work on environmental sustainability. Her work is incredibly enlightening and vital for the world we are living in today. I hope others are able to find joy in learning from her work the way I have. "

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