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Empowering Environmentalism®
Educational Services

Are you an administrator or caregiver who would like to see environmental initiatives in your school, like a learning garden, recycling program, or solar power?


Or are you a teacher who wants to learn how to blend environmental topics into your subject area and grade?

Choose from a range of educational consulting services to bring the Empowering Environmentalism® framework to your school community, including:

  • Sustainability support for school facilities

  • Green initiative ideation and implementation

  • Teacher coaching and curricula development

  • Professional development and training

  • Workshops, trainings, and lunch & learns

  • Environmental events and celebrations

  • School, student, and caregiver collaboration

To learn more, schedule a free call:

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What People Are Saying:

"Loved this class! Beautiful, interesting, thought provoking information that was taught in a digestible, engaging, stimulating.. and fun way :) Definitely learned soo much and it truly aligned with a lot of the info I was longing for and wanted more of! Thank you!"

"Melissa is a great teacher! I have taken her class for the second time. Whether in terms of teaching materials or course experience, she always allows us to actively participate in the course. Melissa is very patient and attaches great importance to students. Even in online classes, she always allows everyone to actively participate in the research of the subject."

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