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Empowering Environmentalism®
Business Services

Is your business looking to make its operations, products, or services more sustainable and environmentally-friendly?


Or would you like to see your employer bring environmental initiatives into the workplace?


Choose from a range of consulting services to bring the Empowering Environmentalism® framework to your business, including:

  • Strategic sustainability evaluation and support

  • Sustainability management consulting

  • Internal "green team" coaching

  • Workshops and trainings

  • Lunch & Learn series

  • Environmental events and celebrations

  • Speaking engagements

To learn more, schedule a free call:

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What People Are Saying:

"Melissa was such a pleasure to work with! She and I connected prior to our earth day event and she was happy to create a presentation that worked well for our company. Those that attended the session really learned alot from it. She was very personable and willing to answer all our questions. After the session, she followed up and provided us with very helpful resources that was shared throughout the company!"

"Melissa is an environmental educator who is well-versed in all things sustainability. We recently booked her for a workshop to learn about going green while staying home. She provided us with facts AND resources for taking action. Her presentation was well put together and she adequately answered any questions. I commend her for connecting the workshop to COVID-19 and recent world events to make the workshop even more relevant. The addition of the interactive activity made the experience fun and personal!"

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