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  • Melissa Boo

Thinking About Talking About COP26

I was thinking about if/how to talk about COP26 this week... and realized I was *dreading it.*

It's exhausting to talk about how 25 other times, global leaders have gotten together and paid lip service to scientists about climate change.

No matter how airtight the arguments, how desperate the pleas, how elaborate the demonstrations or how detailed the climate models… global leaders have spent decades talking about taking action, with little to show for it. And with each COP that's come and gone, we've lost valuable time to gradually correct course...

After noticing all this anger and disappointment coming up for myself, I realized...

The COP26 convo doesn’t need another sportscaster giving play-by-plays of these endlessly frustrating fumbles.
The COP26 convo needs reminders of the power of communities, ourselves, and each other -

  • Reminders that we will continue taking care of each other and our planet, whatever the result of this meeting.

  • Reminders that we are so fortunate that the general public is more eco-aware than ever, and we're seeing promising cultural shifts that can lead to meaningful, systemic change.

  • Reminders that we have incredibly powerful information technology literally in our hands, and we can easily share ideas and solutions all around the world!

  • Reminders that community change moves at a much quicker rate than international inertia, and we can have important impacts right where we are.

Ultimately, this decision-making conference is pretty far out of our control. We can speak up, reach out, and stay informed, but in the end,

we’re not the ones signing Protocols.

But… we sure are the ones nudging our employers to go green, starting composting initiatives at our schools, showing family members how to recycle at home, organizing EV demos and advocating for public transit in our communities…

Let’s hope for international action, while making our community initiatives happen.

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